Three Friends

Three Friends
Three Friends

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The 22nd Annual Spirit of Gettysburg 5k

Here I am! Chip time 39:40. I'm in the pink. It was hot and hilly, so I didn't push myself too hard.

The scenery was beautiful. I don't have any pictures of the actual course, but here is a shot from Round Top, overlooking Devil's Den.

After the 5k, there were several kids' events. A 1-mile dash for the pre-teens, a quarter-mile dash for the youngers, and for the under-3 crowd, a  40-foot run between balloons. There were so many kids there, and they had a great time!

It was really really nice to go somewhere and *not* see fat kids poking at electronic devices all day. Really. When I was a kid we had Atari, and it was attached to your TV set. When you went out somewhere, you were lucky if you had a Merlin or something to bring along. Otherwise, you actually had to interact with people. Or maybe actually read a book or a comic book. Wow!

Anyway ... I seem to have hit a plateau with my weight loss, although I continued to lose inches for a while longer. I would be most happy if I could just run all the time for exercise ... but doing one thing over and over is the best way to hit a plateau, not to mention get an injury (my knees ache sometimes now). So I'm splitting my time between the elliptical, arc trainer, and the treadmill (running outside is just not an option for me until it gets below 70 degrees again) and doing a lot of weight-machine work. I think I'll add some speed work because I have read several articles that say it's a good way to speed up weight loss (sprint for a short burst while jogging or on the elliptical).

The only downside to all this exercise? I am SO HUNGRY all the time. I don't mean eat-an-apple hungry, I mean eat-my-own-hands hungry. It's not boredom or thirst or cravings, it is actual real hunger that has to be addressed quickly, or I get weak and shaky. Perhaps I should re-think all the weight training, but it really does help burn calories throughout the day, doesn't it? 

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  1. Have you tried breaking up your meals into more smaller ones?

    I was the same way when I was running. So I would bring food that I could eat every couple of hours. There's just way too much time between breakfast and lunch. ;-)

    1. That's how I feel ... as if I need to eat a small meal every two hours. It's so frustrating! I eat fiber-y dense food, but my stomach processes that in no time! I'm starting to consider protein drinks, but I really really don't want to start eating "artificial" foods, you know?