Three Friends

Three Friends
Three Friends

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three In-Home Exercises You Can Do With a Little One

With five children, I haven't been able to reliably get to the gym since I left the Navy years ago, so I've had to be pretty inventive with how I get my exercise in. With this thought in mind, I have tried my hand at making a video highlighting three of my go-to exercises to do with the help of my youngest children. I hope these are helpful to you!

The video is my first of this kind and pretty rough, so please excuse the jumpiness (the 13-yo and 8 yo were my primary videographers!) and sound quality. I'll get better as we go along, so stick with me!




  1. That is so cute! I couldn't hear you, but I could tell what you were doing.

    1. I'll work out sound quality with the next one :)

  2. Hi, this is Jovi, your Simple home exercises is very nice, these type of exercise give good and comfort after doing, thanks