Three Friends

Three Friends
Three Friends

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Big Day is Nearly Here!

It's nearly time for my first half marathon!

So exciting! It's the 27th, at 0700. So just a few days away ... so what important pre-race matters am I pondering?

Hydration? Nope, there are 7 water stations. No need for a water belt!

Food? Got my Starbucks-purloined honey packets and raisins ready to go!

Weather? Supposed to be just under 50 degrees at the start, and might climb to 60. No problems there!

Parking? Parking is a cinch, right next to the finish/start at The Columbia Mall! (Which is home to the newest Athleta store, which I am doing my part to support).

No, I am pondering the most important thing of all ...

What to wear?!

The pink skirt has had a race outing already, the Navy-Air Force 5-miler/Half Marathon in DC last year. The "Woman of Steel" skirt has seen a Halloween 5k. The blue-gray is new and has only been worn for a practice run.

And what about the shirt? It has to match!

In all seriousness, I'm getting jittery about the run, and I am simultaneously enjoying the anticipation and wishing it were Sunday morning already. The one thing I'm not wishing is that it were already over, which I think means I'm really looking forward to it and not dreading it much, even though I've only managed to get up to 10.5 miles in my training (and that involved walk/run intervals). I don't have a time in mind (although I am hoping to come in at or under 2:45), and I am only competing with myself, and against the much-larger and terribly-out-of-shape person I was 3 years and 62 pounds ago. I don't ever want to see her again!

Last September, doing the 5-mile part of the Navy-AF 5 Miler/Half Marathon...maybe I'll do the Half this year? Who can say! 

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