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Monday, July 21, 2014

Beating Breathing Trouble and Pain - Naturally!

I haven't written on here as often as Spinster Beth and Slick because I don't always do the same things they do - but that is the point of the blog, right? I don't run, but watching my husband, and Slick and Spinster Beth, I am inspired to try ... someday. My kids would probably enjoy the effort (sadly, they wouldn't even need bikes to keep up with me.) But I am writing today about Essential Oils because for now that is what I use most for better health. 

back in January at work 

I have to share a story about a friend of mine who has been struggling with her health for several months. TLDR: She had trouble breathing, a couple of infections that were not getting better, an open leg wound that would not heal, was mentally and emotionally compromised by all the prescription drugs they had her on, and miserable. Read the end paragraphs for the changes that occurred after moving to holistic methods and Essential Oils.

One year ago, she visited me and was using only a walking stick to deal with her hip pain. 
On a hot day, summer 2013
(this photo is a good
illustration of the
transition over the year)
Late summer, she suffered a fall and has been has been through major back problems that ultimately put her in a wheelchair. She was using some pain killers at that point, and PanAway and Peppermint on her spine for back pain as she went to physical therapy several times a week. The therapist noticed an increasing pain tolerance, and commented several times that the essential oils seemed to be helping her. In January, 2014, she was unable to get through a door before it closed, and it cut her leg open.  The wound was not healing weeks later, in spite of multiple weekly trips to a wound-care specialists and daily bandage changes. At one point she was on 30 pills a day, prescribed for various things. When she pointed this out to her primary doctor, he declared her "toxic", took her off of all but one pain pill and sent her to a new, more experienced wound-care clinic. 

They were also talking about possibly doing a skin graft for the wound that would not heal conventionally. Silver nitrate ate her skin at the edges, making it worse; any-, and every-, thing else left her writhing and sobbing, and claiming pain worse than any of her four un-medicated births.
On July 2, prior to going to the ER
The only thing she could put on the wound without pain was Myrrh Essential Oil, with Frankincense on top of that, that I sent her to try. The wound care clinic folks said they were seeing signs of new skin forming; her primary doc said she had an infection setting in.
July 3rd, admitted fewer
than 24 hours
The next phase ended up taking her for IV antibiotics for an infection that was resistant to oral antibiotics. She traveled by wheelchair and bus to the antibiotic clinic, every day, and to the wound-care clinic weekly.

After one month, they decided she had another infection. She added in going to another clinic three times a week to get her legs wrapped in bandages from foot to ankle, with twice-monthly showers being the only allowable times for a full wash. She also could not access the wound to apply frankincense or myrrh with the bandages on.

At the end of three months, they declared her well enough to stop antibiotics on June 5, 2014. On July 2, 2014, she went to the emergency room. At that time, her BP was 215/51, pulse was 82, respirations (heart rate) was 133, temp was 102.9. She was declared septic and admitted.
bruising from blown veins
from the IVs in the hospital -
this got much, much worse
Because of the previous antibiotic regimen, they had to make multiple changes to her treatment to find one that would work. She drank NingXia Red for 4th of July, and watched fireworks from the hospital window. 

The friends who came to watch fireworks from
her window on 4th of July
After five days in the hospital, she was released home with an oxygen tank, an unidentified viral infection, breathing trouble, and yet more blood trouble. The next day, her son made a video recording of her laying in bed, sobbing because, "everything hurts, all over." Her oldest daughter, my friend for thirty years, messaged her brother to ask if she needed to see about a flight home for a last visit, because she looked that bad on the video.

July 5th, after 3 days of "treatment"
Her youngest daughter drove out to help with her care that night, and soon after began to apply essential oils on various parts of her body. A daughter-in-law came  later to help with the oils, and bring new ones to try. 

We had her put Thieves under her tongue for immune boosting and its antiviral properties, and Melissa on her feet and spine. She put Myrrh on her wound (in between re-wrapping for skin care), which was finally showing noticeable signs of healing up. My friend drank NingXia Red with a drop of Orange Oil to help oxygenate her cells, boost her immune system and give her energy, and used RC on her chest and in the diffuser to help her breathe more easily, and get the junk out of her lungs. She re-started layering PanAway and Peppermint on her back and hip for pain. And on the many, large bruises left by the hospital IV needles, my friend is using Helichrysum to help with blood flow and speed the healing process. 
These are oils that I used for my husband's shoulder
but are an example of the oils my friend is using.
I don't have all of the oils she does so can't put a
"proper" pic of them all on here
The day after leaving the hospital, she and her daughter went out, without the oxygen tank, to get her glasses prescription filled. Her skin color and breathing were noticeably better. She looked and sounded alive again, instead of half-dead. She didn't slur her words; she had energy; and is looking at finally going back for pool therapy next week (no skin graft needed!)

fewer than 48 hours after leaving the hospital
Now she calls me to talk about the plans she is making for losing weight and getting her health back. She calls to tell me about the healthy meals she is making for herself - and that she is well enough to go to work, clean the kitchen, make her meals and take care of her own needs. She is still in a wheelchair, but by this time next year, it looks much more likely that she'll be back out of the Chair. 

I don't always know exactly how the oils work but I know they do. It is where I turn for most of our healthcare needs, and why I am sharing it with you here on Three Friends Fitness. I plan to post here more regularly than I have been - I have moved since we started this blog, and added another baby to the mix (so now there are six), and I miss being close to my friends Slick and Spinster Beth - and maybe I'll even take up running (and then our girls' weekends can include halfs)!

**DISCLAIMER: All oils and blends mentioned in this testimonial are exclusive to Young Living. I would never talk about any other oil having the properties these oils have shown here. Please do not use oils from other companies to attempt to replicate what my friend has done, and then complain if and when they don't work in the expected ways. 

Also, I am NOT - NOT - a doctor. I am mom of six, veteran, homeschooler, and all-around student of life. Essential Oils have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. I am not intending to recommend, prescribe, treat or in any way give medical advice through this post. PLEASE go see your doctor for any medical concerns you may have, and do your own research before making any moves regarding your health.**

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