Three Friends

Three Friends
Three Friends

Thursday, January 12, 2012

We Weigh Eleventy-Eleven Pounds!

Or, 79 stones...
The fitness complex at my workplace has issued a challenge to the workforce. A 10-week fitness challenge. The rules are simple: form teams of 2 - 10, weigh in every week for 10 weeks, and lose weight! There are prizes for the percentages lost: the highest percentage lost wins $500, the 2nd place is $250, and the 3rd place is $100 (per team). There is an entry fee, which is where the prize money comes from. At the end, you get a t-shirt, and possibly a financial reward. It runs from the end of this month through the end of March.

My team (Team Guiness) is six people, two males and four females, ranging in age from about mid-thirties  through 48 (I don't know one person's age), and I have to say we're not slackers in the physical fitness department. We have two Zumba-freaks, three runners, and me. I jog, but I'm not at all at the level of my teammates. I've already lost approximately 25 lbs, so I've proven I can do it...

We weighed in today, as a team (not on a big giant scale, that would have been funny, though). Together, we weigh 1,111.6 lbs. Oh, we range in height from 5'1 to 6'2 or so (and those two are married to one another, LOL!) I am going to install a weight loss ticker on this website, so we can track our progress.

Team Guiness is eager to get started on the challenge. We've all set our exercise and food-related goals (my food goals: cut back on sugar in coffee, and chocolate ... sigh. The two things I love most!)

The challenge has been issued, the scales tipped ... let the games begin!

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