Three Friends

Three Friends
Three Friends

Monday, February 20, 2012


I finally made it outside for a few runs, and my track worries (shin splints, plantar fasciitis, asthma) were all unfounded. Baltimore area weather has been nice, and I managed to get out to the track twice this long weekend. It was wonderful ... lots of sunshine, and cool enough that I didn't sweat at all. I stretched a lot and warmed up thoroughly, so no shin splints or PF. And I used my inhaler well before I got there, so no cold-weather-asthma attack. It was in the 40s both days. And lots of lovely sunshine, and a cold breeze ... but just for half the track. The other half had a nice tailwind.

The only downside was the goose poo on the track. Well ... that, and using a porta-potty that leaned back just enough to make me fear it would topple over. Today I discovered I could use the bathroom at the nearby gym ... duh. Anyway, this whole week is supposed to be nice, so I will be out there a couple more times, I hope. It is so much nicer out in the fresh air! On weekdays, though, I have to share the track with a lot of other people.

And one other thing made my workout fun. I finally lost enough weight to buy 'cute' workout clothes, instead of just big t-shirts and black yoga pants. So I was all layered up in sherbet-y colors, lemon and mango, for my run today. For some reason, that made it so much more fun!

There were a couple of young women out trying to run today ... but I think their hangovers were getting the better of them ;-). Ahhhh I remember those days. 

Then I had a nice lunch at La Madeleine's ... and I think next time, I'll just get the regular-size latte.

No, I didn't drink all that. It was monstrous.

Tillie or Slick will be posting soon ... So Stay Tuned! Slick's half-marathon is very near. My next event is a 5k during Armed Forces Week, which isn't till May. I'm working up to it slowly!

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